Genuine Ministers of the New Covenant

How should a believer evaluate whether the ministry in the Lord’s recovery—that is, the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee and their co-workers who have continued to minister on the same line—or any ministry is part of the new covenant ministry revealed in the pages of the New Testament? David Yoon, who serves in the editorial section of Living Stream Ministry, has written a short monograph that directly addresses this question. In it he establishes the pattern of the apostles’ living, teaching, and ministry of life recorded in the New Testament as the standard for assessing to what degree the work of a “minister” is part of the unique new covenant ministry. He then measures the ministry in the Lord’s recovery according to that standard. To those who hunger for a pure and full ministry of the word of God, this monograph will be very instructive, enlightening, and strengthening. Readers are encouraged to take all the matters presented in this monograph to the Lord in prayer with a pure, noble, and seeking heart (Matt. 5:8; Acts 17:11; Matt. 7:7).

Read: “The Ministers in the Lord’s Recovery—Genuine Ministers of the New Covenant,” by David Yoon.