The Ministers in the Lord’s Recovery – Preface

From chapter six of The Ministers in the Lord’s Recovery – Genuine Ministers of the New Covenant

In recent years various defamatory statements have been published both in print and online with the express purpose of shaking the saints’ confidence in the leadership of the Lord’s recovery, often by presenting a list of allegations against the leading ones in the ministry and the local churches, both past and present, including Brother Nee and Brother Lee. Others have taken up the responsibility to challenge the veracity of such claims as well as the accuracy of purportedly scriptural objections. But due to human nature as well as the nature of the fiery darts that the devil employs against the believers, it is possible that after coming into contact with such accusations that are later proven to be baseless, some saints may remain shaken, and it is possible that even a thorough factual and scriptural refutation may not result in complete inward restoration. Therefore, in this document I seek to address the spiritual nature of the ministry in the Lord’s recovery in order to assure the hearts of the saints of its authenticity. It is not enough to be convinced that a negative claim has proven to be inaccurate at best and often outright libelous. Much more, we need to see the immense positive value of our inheritance as those who are mercifully chosen to be in the Lord’s recovery.

Although I wrote this document in fellowship with other members of the Body of Christ, the enclosed contents are the fruit of my own investigation and represent my personal thoughts and convictions before the Lord. Any deficiencies or errors are likewise my own, and I would appreciate being alerted to them. I submit this writing to the discernment of the Body, knowing that my treatment of this subject, though extensive, is not exhaustive. I look to the Lord to bless it so that many saints would receive an uplifted appreciation of the ministry in the Lord’s recovery and as a result reap from this ministry the rich spiritual blessings that the Lord has prepared for His lovers.

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