Concerning Various Twistings of Our Teachings

For someone serving the Lord in His ministry, having one’s words twisted is nothing new. Paul experienced this (2 Pet. 3:16; Rom. 3:8). So did David (Psa. 56:5). The following articles are offered for those who may be stumbled by various twistings of the words of those who minister among us.

Some on social media have used a short out-of-context excerpt from Witness Lee’s Life-study of First Peter, omitting both context and balance, to support a spurious claim that he denigrates women. These sources … Continue reading Concerning the Ministry’s Attitude toward Sisters

Context and balance are critical to evaluating words fairly. Recently, a short excerpt from a message given by Brother Ron Kangas was mischaracterized as his demeaning his wife in front of thousands of … Continue reading Twisting Ron Kangas’s Words

On a couple of occasions spurious and egregious allegations surfaced tarring Witness Lee by associating him with racist justifications of slavery based on his interpretation of Noah’s cursing of the descendants of Ham … Continue reading A Specious Claim of Racism