Realizing the Importance of Israel in God’s Economy

As the end of the age approaches, the nation of Israel is increasingly at the center of the global situation and the subject of human opinions. As believers in Christ, our understanding of the present situation must be governed by the revelation in the Bible, a revelation which shows that Israel occupies a particular and special place in God’s economy. The articles in this series explore what the Bible says concerning Israel’s past, present, and future:

  As the day of the Lord’s second coming approaches, it is important to have a basic understanding of the place of Israel in God’s economy. Since the re-establishment of the nation of … Continue reading Israel in God’s Economy (1) – An Introduction

  The book of Isaiah contains a “divine philosophy”—God chastises in love His beloved Israel who turned away from Him, He exercises His righteous judgment upon the nations who desolated Israel, and Christ … Continue reading Israel in God’s Economy (3) – God’s Way of Dealing with Israel and the Nations and Its Issue

  Two of the three main prophecies concerning Israel leading up to the Lord’s return have been fulfilled. The nation of Israel was re-established in 1948 after nearly 1,900 years, something unprecedented in … Continue reading Israel in God’s Economy (7) – Our Attitude